“My art is mainly conceptual in nature influenced by many years of interest in Taoism and Christianity.
I apply the “Yin-Yang” concept to my work and this generates the fundamental rules of my artistic ideas, and I listen to God for inspiation.

That which gives me joy is in turn the source of my sadness. This contradiction is an inherent part of life, and as such forms the roots of my artistic dynamic, ever searching for balance and harmony.

I work with the sentiment of destabilization that is provoked by the juxtaposition of abstract elements, such as square/round, black/white, thin/thick. I then “search” for the harmony between these contrasts, which keeps them balanced. The abstract forms and contrasts mutate naturally into scenes of family life and relationships with the realisation that everyday activities are gestures which remain universal.

When I paint, I try to leave on the canvas the traces that are born from an “inner guidance”. Those that arise from the consideration of my brain are often superficial and meaningless. Just as the completion of the “mistakes” in my life leave me richer and invite me towards more deepness and simplicity, my artistic “mistakes” lead me to a more abstract and simple style. In the end however, there are no mistakes, only steps forward!

I work the images until a composition has been achieved. In a sense, my works are poetical stories that form a pictorial vocabulary aimed at expressing the journey of life. I seek to articulate the uniqueness of individual personalities and the sublime meanings of our actions and emotions. This is evidenced in the paintings by the often genderless characters who contemplate and introspect, who are witnesses or voyeurs to the world around. I consciously invite the viewer to appreciate being in the present moment and yet to surrender to chaos.

The ultimate contradiction is that the theory itself is superseded by the act of creation. When I paint or draw I feel in harmony with nature and with God. I forget the objects and forget myself in the experience of being.