The liberal, expressive paintings of Titane Laurent depict scenes of family life and relationships. With the realisation that everyday activities are gestures which are universal, Laurent seeks to articulate the uniqueness of individual personalities and the sublime meanings to our actions and emotions. This is evidenced in the paintings by genderless characters who contemplate and introspect, who are witnesses or voyeurs to the world around, just like the artist herself. The artist consciously invites the viewer to appreciate being in the present moment, and to surrender chaos.

Colour and symbol are key elements to her work. The simplicity of the images masks the layers of acrylic and oil paint, charcoal, Chinese ink and collage that are the physical ingredients to her little masterpieces. Titane works the images until a composition has been achieved. In a sense the mixed-media paintings are poetical stories that form a pictorial vocabulary aimed at expressing the journey of life.

Laurentís spiritual inspiration is drawn from Taoist philosophy and the works form an homage to Christian values. Titane has an optimistic view of humanity, always seeking to find and praise the inherent good in people. This attitude radiates through her work with the tender treatment of the figures, who are set within ambient environments filled with love.

Statement by Rachel Berry
Curator and Coordinator of Gallows Gallery
Western Australia